Saturday, October 24

On Recapturing God's "Rainbow," and "Purple," and "Green"

Two Saturdays back I spoke with our Men's Group about the need for us Christians to recover from our society ideas and truths that belong rightly to God. It may seem inane to discuss it (or at least "tongue-in-cheek"), but I mean colors like "green," and "purple," or rainbows, etc., all of which have been hi-jacked by our culture. A few years ago, the "Rainbow Coalition," under Jesse Jackson took God's mark in the sky for their own as a way of appealing to a broad spectrum of races and creeds. Purple is purportedly the representative color for gays. And "green" has been wrested away by an environmental agenda.

My point (though simple and somewhat light-hearted) is for believers in the Creator God to disallow such kingdom distortions by reclaiming every color and symbol, as well as every nation and person for God. Indeed, ALL belongs to God, for "the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and they who dwell therein" (Psalm 24:1). And we who love God do well to be jealous for His glory not to be compromised by evil's attempt to twist or pervert God's world, lowering it to fit the nefarious ends of a God-ignoring world.

God created the rainbow to remind us of his grace and mercy in withholding worldwide judgment by flood. Purple has been used for royalty since it was so expensive to create, but certainly not to support a perversion of God's intended sexual order. And green? You would think environmentalists were the first to press upon the world the need to care for our environment, when it was a creation ordinance from God to Adam to exercise dominion over the earth! Christians should gladly recycle. Let us recapture these and not let Satan or cultures take them over.

That's all.

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