Monday, March 29

Battle-Borne, Not Battle-Worn

Never underestimate the value afforded those who battle the enemy of the faith. The depth of a man's character is in direct proportion to the length of years he's borne the conflict. . . and endured. So, the apostle, John refers to his mature believers as "fathers" who have "known him who is from the beginning" (1 John 2:13, 14). They've walked with God for years. As we are wont to say, "they had a track record" with regard to their life with God. Not easily diverted from their pilgrimage, they have established themselves as those who have "bounced back" after a fall (or many), having borne the heat of the battle, and having therefore, gained immense experience in the process. And there is something to be said for experience! After all, Moses was 40 years old before being ousted to the back side of the desert! Then, another 40 years would pass before God would call to him from the burning bush (Exodus 3) to lead Israel out of Egyptian bondage. Eighty years of training--failing & "faithing"! In fact, Hebrews 11:27 says that Moses "endured as seeing him who is invisible." In the face of the very visible Pharaoh, Moses moved forward seeing the face of God as immensely superior. That did not happen over night. Eighty years of preparation DOES count for something. 

We need to encourage the saints of God to pursue their Christian lives with endurance. Stay in there. Let nothing throw you off course. "Keep on keeping on." And does it get tiring? Yes! But, and this is vitally important, there is a great difference between being tired IN the battle and being tired OF the battle. We do not want to grow tired OF the battle itself, for it is the greatest fight in which a person will ever engage, the battle for truth, the conflict of the ages, the warfare of Christ and for the gospel! Yes, we may grow tired IN the battle, but as we often say after a long day of good, hard, work . . . it's a good kind of tired.

What we need is men of God--both male and female! Yes. "Be watchful. Stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong" (1 Cor. 16:13). That's it! By God's infinite grace, and through faith. Anything is possible, indeed, everything. Stand strong! Endure. And find Him faithful as has every Christian soldier through the ages.


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