Tuesday, April 6

MacArthur on The Purpose Driven "Gospel"

"Judge righteous judgment" the Lord teaches (John 7:24). The "Gospel" by definition is unique; there is only ONE. We used to say when seeking to validate something we said, "And that's the gospel truth!" The point being that there is only one gospel, and it is absolute. A cursory reading of the New Testament letters reveals the apostles defending the validity of the faith against all opposition. But today you'd think those who battle for the gospel are the most irritable, uncooperative people on the planet. Still, that should not--yea, must not--deter us from a just and good defense of the faith. When Jesus claimed to be THE "way, the truth and the life" he left no opening for "alternate" views. Nor should we look for them in order to placate those who wish to find a perhaps "easier" way to God.

John MacArthur explains in the following brief video some major drawbacks to Rick Warren's view of the "gospel" message. These are not small or inconsequential matters. Scripture does not mince words on these topics. The Bible is quite clear with regard to what constitutes the "Good news." We must remember that salvation is God's bailiwick, his domain. He created it. He paid the price to earn it. And only via the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit do people see the truth, repent of sin and turn in faith believing. 

Let us "fear the Lord" above all things and fight earnestly for the faith once delivered unto the saints (Jude 3).

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