Monday, July 12

How to Spell Relief -- C O M F O R T E R

I recommend the following two ways: 1) as a means unto an end, that is, to encourage you to bookmark the site from which this came (HERE), and 2) for the matter of which these words speak, namely the wonderful ministry of the Holy Spirit of God. Too often we pine away in our trials when the solution to our troubles abides very near at hand. Oh, Father, ever give us eyes of faith to see, yes, to apprehend the treasures which rest under our noses! This selection comes from one, Octavius Winslow. But be sure to check out the site, Grace Gems for much more treasure from the Puritans and others.
What is the life of the child of God but a continuous experience of the truth of His Word, and the veracity of His promises? You have, perhaps, been placed in trying circumstances; resources have lessened and demands have increased; your faith has been sharply tried; your spirits depressed; the sky has lowered and the waters have risen; but lo! the Spirit, the Comforter, has guided you to some precious promise which has just met your case. It has touched your heart, moistened your eye, uplifted the pressure, and your whole soul has been, as it were, absorbed in God. And now the harp that hung sad and mute upon the willow is taken down, and thrills with a new song of praise and thanksgiving to the faithfulness of God in the fulfillment of His Word.

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