Thursday, August 12

Do We FEEL Anything for Jesus?

There is an unremitting frustration when it comes to discussing love for Jesus Christ. Not talking about it, but doing it; not parsing Scripture, but feeling it. We seem quite adept in the ministry world at talking all around Jesus, but ill-equipped to experience it. We know we should love him, and are adept at finding verses to prove the point. We are great at sharing what truths we've learned, even truths related to Jesus. But we seem handicapped to speak of intimate love for our Savior. Is such love not CENTRAL to everything else--resisting sin, studying for sermons, reading good books, even enjoying God's Word? So, I ask this question (of myself as well), do we feel anything when we talk of loving Jesus?

Is it really possible for the eternally blessed Son of God to come and take up residence in the newly converted life and it NOT AFFECT HIM??!! How is it that we have become effective at holding even our Savior at arm's distance?

Three times our Lord probed Peter, "Do you love me?" And all three times Peter missed the point (John 21:15ff). But Mary apparently had caught on, for according to Jesus, she desired "the one thing necessary" (Luke 10:42).

And you know what's really deflating? I can write all this and STILL not love Jesus from the heart! Oh, Lord Jesus, how long will you put up with us?

Draw us to yourself, and PLEASE make it so that we can no longer talk all around you.


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