Monday, February 14

J. C. Ryle on Religious Toleration

Once for all, I must protest against the modern notion that it does not matter the least what religious opinions a man holds, so long as he is in earnest about them--that one creed is just as good as another, and that all earnest men will somehow or other at last find themselves in heaven. I cannot hold such an opinion, so long as I believe that the Bible is a revelation from God. I would extend to everyone the widest liberty and toleration. I abhor the idea of persecuting anyone for his opinions. I would "think and let think." But so long as I have breath in my body, I shall always contend that there is such a thing as revealed truth; that men may find out what truth is if they will honestly seek for it; and that mere earnestness and zeal, without scriptural knowledge, will never give anyone comfort in life, peace in death, or boldness in the day of judgment. (Knots Untied, "The Thirty-Nine Articles"), p. 65.

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