Friday, April 1

George Whitefield on Philippians 3:10

Most who read my blog would be familiar with George Whitefield, the great 18th century English evangelist. I have long greatly appreciated Dallimore's biography of this true lover of Jesus Christ and dedicated preacher of the gospel on both sides of the Atlantic.

The resurrection of Christ's body would avail [the apostle] nothing, unless he experienced the power of it in raising his dead soul. ... This then is what the apostle means by the "Power of Christ's resurrection," and this is what we are as much concerned experimentally to know, as that He rose at all. Without this, though we may be moralists, though we may be civilized, good-natured people, yet we are no Christians. ... But he is a true Christian who is one inwardly; and then only can we be styled true believers, when we not only profess to believe, but have felt the power of our blessed Lord's rising from the dead, by being quickened and raised by his Spirit, when dead in trespasses and sins, to a thorough newness both of heart and life.
—From "The Power of Christ's Resurrection"
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