Monday, June 13

Will Believers "Marvel" at Jesus When He Returns?

In yesterday’s sermon, it was my privilege to accentuate the awesome truth found in 2 Thessalonians 1:10, that at the judgment, when Jesus appears to make all things right, the saints will “marvel” at their Lord. I was forced, due to the weakness of our human flesh, to also point out how negligent we are to admire the Lord Jesus due to the selfish implosion we suffer whereby we interpret even worship itself in light of how we feel, what we like or dislike. Often Jesus is not our focus at all! The 19th century Christian fiction writer, George MacDonald, known for his theological depth, writes the following which could help to set us on the right path if we would be hear him. 
God is so beautiful, and so patient, and so loving, and so generous that he is the heart and soul and rock of every kindness and every gladness in the world. All the beauty in the world and in the hearts of men, all the painting, all the poetry, all the music, all the architecture comes out of his heart first. He is so loveable that no heart can know how loveable he is – can know only in part. When the best loves God best, he does not love him nearly as he deserves, or as he will love him in time.
Dying to self is no small accomplishment, but it is a must if we are to love Christ. Lord, help us die that we might fulfill our God-intended purpose!

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