Thursday, March 1

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Wolfhart Pannenberg on Schism - Desiring God

It's been a month since I've posted anything, and even then it was a re-post. I half apologize for doing this again. Alas, I only HALF apologize due to the serious nature of this post from John Piper and also due to my angst when it comes to a famine re: the authority of Christ, His Word, and in the Church. These are critical days in which we live. Too few in the broader Christian circles seem dedicated to the absolute authority of God's Word as well as the authority of the true Church. Here is a post from Piper outlining two cases in which a doctrinal line had to be drawn IF the church was to maintain it's unique place in the kingdom of God. We all do well to pay heed to our part in the fight of faith. May God raise up more men who will stand in the gap in defense of the faith, the only faith which sets captives free.

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