Sunday, September 13

The Church's Self-Corrective: BEHOLDING GOD!

In a culture saturated with the esteem of the "self" and marred by the decline of Deity, we stand in need of beholding God for who he is. We need desperately to be humbled and amazed at the infinite splendor of his unrivaled Greatness and the unspeakable wealth of his lavish Goodness. We must marvel at his blinding Glory and fall astonished at his benevolent Grace. If we are to escape the cult of self and find, instead, the true meaning of life and the path of true satisfaction, if we are to give God the glory rightly and exclusively owed to him - that is, if we are to know what truly promotes both our good and his glory - we must behold God for who he is.

BRUCE WARE, God's Greater Glory: The Exalted God of Scripture and the Christian Faith (2004).

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