Thursday, January 14


Recently, I gave my son, Dave a copy of J. C. Ryle's "Thoughts For Young Men," (1868) which is a wonderful call to Christian living for men, both young and old, and as Dave would offer, for women as well. Here is a quotation which meant much to Dave and me and which we'd suspect you'd have to find intriguingly apt. Illustrating one of the dangers facing young men as being that of "thoughtlessness and inconsideration," Ryle writes:
Matthew Henry tells a story of a great statesman in Queen Elizabeth's time, who retired from public life in his later days, and gave himself up to serious thought. His former gay (i.e. "frivolous") companions came to visit him, and told him he was becoming melancholy. "No," he replied, "I am serious; for all are serious round about me. God is serious in observing us--Christ is serious in interceding for us--the Spirit is serious in striving with us--the truths of God are serious--our spiritual enemies are serious in their endeavours to ruin us--poor lost sinners are serious in hell--and why then should not you and I be serious too?"
Thank you J. C. Ryle. You can read this book online HERE. Or better yet, buy the book HERE.


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