Sunday, January 31

Eighteen Years Ago Tonight!

What? It's not Phyllis' and my Wedding Anniversary, right? Right. But it is our Baptist Church of Perry anniversary for coming to Perry, NY eighteen years ago this very day! Yep, there was 8" of snow and we parked two trucks here-one out front and the other in the back at the garage. There were two crews of helpers that got both trucks off-loaded in one and a half hours! Amazing, really! That was a long but very helpful day. I remember well a few ladies seated right here in the dining room after we had brought in a few large pieces of furniture. They plopped down in a few chairs and watched as the other stuff was put in place. That was a nice welcome.

Who knew (but God) that we'd be here 18 years later? And that so many would have gone home to be with Lord, or moved, or left for other reasons! Boy, if these walls could talk!

Let me just say thank you, Lord Jesus for calling us into the ministry wherever you chose to send us. To have been associated with this body of believers this many years has produced growth in all of us for sure. And I can say that we have seen a definite increase in Christian love and interest in the Word of God. That spells health.

May the Lord continue to bless the body of Christ here at Perry. It's been a true blessing for us to know so many of our brothers and sisters. Heaven is a wonderful place, but Perry is a great stop-off until that Day!


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David R. Nelson said...

Dear Anonymous: I have no idea who you're speaking about. No one in our church fits that name and description. I will be praying for you during this obviously troublesome time. Please feel free to call me if I can help you any further.