Wednesday, May 5

Answering the Gnawing Question - Why?

Many grow disappointed with God. He does not react or respond to our need like we think He should. Is God punishing me? Did I do something wrong? What to do?

Listen to this from Philip Yancey:
I have learned not even to attempt an answer to the why questions. Why did the youth pastor's wife happen to get the one tainted bottle of blood? Why does a tornado hit one town in Oklahoma and skip over another? Why did one particular woman's child get hit by a skateboard on Boston Common? Why do so few of the millions of prayers for physical healing get answered?

One question, however, no longer gnaws at me as it once did: the question "Does God care?" I know of only one way to answer that question, and for me it has proved decisive: Jesus is the answer. In Jesus, God gave us a face. If you wonder how God feels about the suffering on this groaning planet, look at that face. By no means did Jesus solve the problem of pain--he healed only a few in one small corner of the globe--but he did signify an answer to the question Does God care?

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