Tuesday, June 1

Heaven's Luster Never Diminishes

Jonathan Edwards continues from the same sermon in yesterday's post with this wonderful description of heaven's continuing joys . . .
This happiness of the saints shall never have any interruption. There will never be any alloy to it; there never will come any cloud to obscure their light; there never will be any thing to cool their love. The rivers of pleasure will not fail, the glory and love of God and of Christ will for ever be the same, and the manifestation of it will have no interruption. No sin or corruption shall ever enter there, no temptation to disturb their blessedness: the divine love in the saints shall never cool, there shall be no inconsistency in any of them, the faculties of the saints shall never flag from exercise; and they will never be cloyed, their relish for those delights will for ever be kept up to its height, that glorious society shall not grow weary of their hallelujahs. Their exercises, though they are so active and vigorous, will be performed with perfect ease; the saints shall not be weary of loving, and praising, and fearing, as the sun is never weary of shining.
The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 2, pp. 888-905. Selection is found on p. 902. Sermon VIII under “Occasional Sermons.” The sermon title is "The Portion of the Righteous."

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