Thursday, June 24

Prayer-A Dimensional Leap

There used to be only 3 dimensions. At least that's what we thought. (The yellow rose at the right is in three dimensions. I include because it is so vivid, but it's also very pretty!)  Now, scientists posit as many as 12 dimensions! I cannot quite understand which each represents. Scientists explain these things. I am making another point.

Angels & Demons in Another Dimension?
May it also be theorized that the spirit-world of angels and demons, which we cannot see but sporadically, dwells in another dimension? Do we accept that there are multiple dimensions, and that angels and heaven exist IN another dimension? If this is so--and it seems to make sense--then can we see the awesome potential wielded through prayer? What do I mean? This sort of "hit" me the other day, that when I pray, those prayers go where I physically cannot. I cannot perform dimensional shifts, but our prayers can! Most of us have grown accustomed to our prayers reaching to the other side of the globe, especially as we cry out for missionary needs. We've gotten used to praying for future blessings and future protection before we get there. We know that we cannot move ahead in time, but our prayers most certainly can! So, too, when we cry out to God, both angels and demons are immediately present. We can neither see nor touch them, true! But our prayers control them as we appeal to our Father in heaven! C. H. Spurgeon preached, "Thy sigh is able to move the heart of Jehovah; thy whisper can incline his ear unto thee; thy prayer can stay his hand; thy faith can move his arm."

Be Encouraged to Greater Prayer!
When this truth hits us, it enlarges our spirit, encourages our prayers, and excites our anticipation! Oh, that we would be moved by this multi-dimensional, powerful force placed in our hands but which we know almost innocuously as prayer. I say "almost innocuously" because we become dulled to certain truths due to their frequent mention. And who hasn't grown used to hearing that we should pray? But we must not allow this grand work of faith to be waylaid by over-familiarity. Let us ask for a renewed interest in this special power and privilege. Jump dimensions and battle the forces of evil with the overwhelming power of the Lord of Hosts!

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