Tuesday, February 2

The One Thing Necessary

In his sermon, "The One Thing Necessary" from Luke 10:42, Archibald Alexander directs us to one of "things" that is necessary, namely the WAY in which believers hold their knowledge of God. "In the holy affections which flow from [such knowledge] consists the highest dignity and supreme excellence and felicity of human nature." Many today, wrongly assume that holiness is akin to a stilted, boring, some might say, stuffy, Christian. Of course, that some feel this way only makes sense if you consider that one of the dreadful results of the Fall in the Garden of Eden was the destruction of the will, leaving it jaded in its ability to discern the true value of moral qualities. Quite the opposite is the case in terms of the beauty of holiness as can be seen in Alexander's wonderful description of it! 
The excellence of holiness is so great, that the apostle Peter describes it as a participation of the divine nature. "According as his divine power has given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him, that has called us to his glory and virtue; whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises, that by these you might be partakers of the divine nature." When holiness is manifested in the particular virtues of the Christian life, it cannot but win the approbation of every mind, not perverted by error, or blinded by prejudice. . . . Even the devils know that moral excellence is better than sin, for they have experienced the effects of both. Holiness is the glory of God, for this word expresses the sum of all his moral attributes. Holiness is the foundation of heavenly bliss and glory, the golden pavement of the city of God. Without holiness no one can enter into the society of heaven. The knowledge which the best attain here, is obscure and imperfect; but there the view of divine truth will be perfectly perspicuous [clearly understood]. "Here we see through a glass darkly; but there face to face." In proportion to our knowledge will be our love; and from this perennial fountain will flow uninterrupted happiness.
 Lord, give us ears to hear!

The above is thanks to Solid Ground Christian Books, Evangelical Truth: Practical Truths For the Christian Home.


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