Tuesday, February 9

Quote of the Day!

Her name is Mildred. But she's only ever been known as "Midge" to her friends and family. Midge has been in the Eastside Nursing Home for about 3 years, and other than being a little hard of hearing and a little weak in the legs gets around quite well . . . for a woman pushing 86! Sprite of mind, her humor keeps you on your toes.

Phyllis (my wife) and I, on the way home from our monthly Minister's meeting (this one in Attica) decided it would be good to visit those whom time allowed. We missed Midge the last go-round, so wanted to make sure we saw her this time.

After chatting with Midge for a bit, Phyllis shared with her that she and Midge had something in common--the same birth date! Midge volunteered that she was 39, how old might Phyllis be!! . . . Younger! . . . Then I asked her, "If we brought up a birthday cake on July 24th for the both of you, and I put 86 candles on it, about how long do you think it'd take for you to blow them out?" Without losing a beat, Midge wryly commented, "I'm sure it'd take less time than it would for YOU TO LIGHT THEM!" Yikes! This woman had us rolling.

What a blessing to visit these dear ones in the home. Not all get to keep their wits about them, as is evidenced from some who "greet" the elevator. But some mainly suffer from physical weakness and just need a loving, watchful eye. This they get at Eastside Nursing Home. Praise the Lord for such a place. There are those who DO care and we must not forget that in this age of pseudo concern and government-implemented programs. God bless them, and Waneta, Betty, and Gertie, and May and now Janet at another facility--Extended Care in Warsaw.

OK . . . so maybe we WON'T light all 86 candles! But it'll be fun eating the cake just the same.

God bless you Midge!


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