Sunday, February 21

We Stand Forgiven-Octavius Winslow

And when we consider that there bends not a believer over this page, however weak his faith or small the buddings of Divine grace in his soul–-he may have been the vilest sinner, and now the weakest believer–-yet looking to Jesus, notwithstanding all his imperfections and failures, he stands complete in the righteousness of God, how magnificent and precious does this doctrine appear! O blessed truth! how it abases, and yet how it exalts! To know that while our feelings fluctuate, and our frames vary, and our experience ebbs and flows as the tide, yet our righteousness varies not, changes not, and that we are not justified one moment more really, more freely, more completely than another, is a mercy unspeakably great.
The above comes from a site dedicated to giving us sermons and quotations from Octavius Winslow, who lived from 1808-1878. Ordained to the ministry in New York, he spent the rest of his years in England. For more, read his biography.

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