Wednesday, March 16

John Piper Does Not Deny That God Makes Much of Us

Borrowed from the Desiring God blog, I wanted to re-post this since it clarifies a point made in Scripture. There is a love of God which is so wonderful that to deny His overweening love of man is, in essence, to deny His divinity. "I have loved you with an everlasting love" does not exactly exalt us, however. It really exalts Him who loves us in spite of our depravity. This verse in fact, from Jeremiah 31:3 glorifies God's faithfulness even though it most certainly lifts up the prisoner's head (ours) and puts it on high. If THIS is what we mean by "making much of man" then OK. I am still not a fan of the phrase, "make much of man." But Romans does say that whom [God] justifies, he also glorifies (Romans 8:30). This glory seems more suited to heaven's beauty than to man's intrinsic worth. Anyway, here's what DGM posted:
At Passion 2011 in Atlanta, Pastor John gave a message titled “Getting to the Bottom of Your Joy.” In it John clarifies if and how God makes much of us:

Let it be said loud and clear John Piper does not deny and and never has denied that God makes much of us. The question is ranking—what’s at the bottom of your joy. Where does it finally rest?

Yes, those amazing truths—that God makes much of you—should thrill your soul!  But why? The answer to that question makes all the difference.

If the answer is, "Because I'm at the bottom, and I love to be made much of," you're not born again. If the answer is, "Because it reveals more of God and makes me know him, treasure him, love him, be satisfied in him, more than I ever dreamed!" then you are born again.

That's the difference—what's at the bottom.
Listen or download “Getting to the Bottom of Your Joy.”

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