Tuesday, March 1

Theology in a lost Jabra headset

Yep, you read that title correctly. A few months ago, when my son, Dave & I were at Best Buy, I bought a Jabra headset. Actually, this is the third one over the years, having lost the other two. Each time I think I'll not get another. But really, IF we're to obey the laws that be, we mustn't talk on the phone in our cars any other way. It helps too when you want to talk AND plunk away on your computer. Hands free. Oh, what spoiled people we can be!

Jabra Extreme
My point? I had lost this latest headset a couple of week's ago. (Somehow deep inside, I thought it wasn't really lost. I would find it. But I always think that!). Well, my gut was right. I "happened" to find it in our car yesterday where it had fallen down between the driver's seat and the console. Actually, to be quite honest, I wasn't planning to find it, but the Lord put it in my mind to go out to our car and see if I had left it connected to the special Jabra car charger. While I was changing out some CDs (I got distracted after not initially finding the headset), my eye caught sight of the little ear piece, and . . . voila!

The Theology Behind It?
What do I mean by this? Well, . . . and you may think this a bit eccentric. But follow me. Over the years, I have had numerous occasions to lose or to misplace something which I either subsequently found or lost for good. We all have I'm sure. It's a part of life. But I must say that for years something else came to me when this occurred. I'm sure it was the Holy Spirit. But I began to consider how many truths of God or His Word had I not taken advantage of even though they were right there, as it were, hidden between the seat and the console? Truly, God has give us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). But what good is that if we treat those truths with the same amount of usefulness as we do a lost item? It's like reaching in your wallet for a dollar for a drink on a hot day and not finding one, only to discover later that there was one in another back pocket!? We blurt out, "Oh, if I had only known . . ." You know what I'm talking about. 

Well, learn that these every day kinds of frustrations can lead us all to a kind of spiritual reflection which aims to "find" all we need of Christ right under our noses! So much of what we need to know of Christ is right there, evident, ready to be used, if we'd only pay more attention, and not let them become "misplaced," overlooked.

Another lesson is that we sometimes find what we've lost when we're doing something else profitable. In the process, God will often bring other things into our path. I think He does this on purpose; His purpose being to keep our minds attached to himself and not on a myriad other things.

God give us eyes to see what's right in front of us! 

That's all . . . Amen.

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