Tuesday, March 15

Seeking Substance in Scripture

“Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” John 5:39

It's funny. The longer I live, the more I see things must stay the same . . . that is, with regard to truth. God's Word boasts the exclusive authority necessary to rise above the cacophony of sounds which threatens to overwhelm the masses (and even the church itself!). How much we need to iterate and reiterate this fact! And why? Because it is the Word of God which projects the Son of God by the Spirit of God. Octavius Winslow said,
The word of God is full of Christ. He is the Sun of this divine system, the Fountain of its light and beauty. Every doctrine derives its substance from His person, every precept its force from His work, every promise its sweetness from His love. 
And . . .
It is the office of the blessed and eternal Spirit to unfold, and so to glorify, Jesus in the Word. All that we spiritually and savingly learn of Him, through this revealed medium, is by the sole teaching of the Holy Spirit, opening up this word to the mind. He shows how all the luminous lines of Scripture truth emanate from, return to, and center in, Christ- how all the doctrines set forth the glory of His person, how all the promises are written in His heart’s blood, and how all the precepts are embodied in His life.
And there is hope even (or especially) among the younger set. Carl Trueman from Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia says, 
I rejoice seeing the growing appetite among men and women under 40 for the great exponents of sovereign grace, Christ’s atonement, justification by faith alone, and the centrality of preaching. That these things are back on the agenda that could never have been anticipated ten years ago is a stunning testimony, both to God’s grace and the hard work and commitment of a generation of Christians.
So, I conclude urging, search the Scriptures. YES! But do so in such a way that Jesus Christ is central to everything you read. Glory in that truth. Many are beginning to rediscover this heart-swelling truth for themselves. I am happy that young folks are seeking out substance over the superficial.

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